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Post  xwh1p ownerx on Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:48 pm

Hey there everyone, I've just been looking at thenoobwar's videos, I think they pwn! It sounds really good, I'm intrested in joining, so all we need to do is just "register" and be level 3, right Surprised

I'm wondering what part of the "cast" I could be in, Please let me know! :p

Umm... I'm here just to introduce myself..

My name is Bob.. No! (seriously!)
I like playing Runescape..
I like playing football...
I like eating cheese, and "Muffins" of course!
I like sports, but only if it's not too energizing..
I like making videos.. Very Happy
My Runescape username is "gonkster"

and erm...that's about it.. so long!

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