Making Videos - For the Macintosh!

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Making Videos - For the Macintosh!

Post  Noobtramp on Wed May 28, 2008 8:39 am

The name's Tramp. Noobtramp.

Today, I am going to show you how to make in-game videos like EnglishNUB.

1: Recording

The Macintosh program I have, "iShowU", is teh BOMB! Though it is easy-to-use, it is NOT free, and I have found the solution to that (not my video) :
If you follow all teh directions of the video, you will have teh best screen recorder in the Macintosh universe!

2: Editing

I'm sure you will have this default if you have a Mac. This video-editing program is called "iMovie". Even though it cannot pan and zoom in on video clips, it has certain effects like "Blur" and "Earthquake".
Another alternative is the Final Cut Express, but it costs over 9000 dollars. This may help you get it free, though I have never tried it, lol:

3: Sound Editing

I'm just going to quote TehFarmerNub for this one.

TehFarmerNub wrote:I reccomend Audacity because it is free and many movie makers use it.

Audacity may be downloaded at the url below.


4: Music

I'm quoting TehFarmerNub for this one, too.

TehFarmerNub wrote:Use iTunes to download your songs, but if you wish to do it illegally you may go to, download the software and risk getting your computer filled with viruses.

Lol lol!

5: Voice

I have never used a headset before, ROFL! Try using a extremely cheap one, or get something like this.

Hope you liked my guide, noobs.
And remember to join my forum!

-Noobtramp Very Happy

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Re: Making Videos - For the Macintosh!

Post  GatherWizard on Wed May 28, 2008 8:43 am

It sure did
Thank you very much

I'm locking this thread to prevent "Good Guide" spam messages in future Wink

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