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Post  GatherWizard on Wed May 28, 2008 8:35 am

I just saw my Mail Box and realized many of you are already pending on becomeing Forum Moderators.

For now the group will be closed as both me and TheNoobWar have alread chosen 2 trustfull members (1 for each side) and therefore ranked

  • Fluffybelly (aka TommoPowers in game)
  • NoobTramp (you know him I guess)

It is true, yes , indeed, we are looking up for new members that can prove themselves worth of Moderator Rank

For this I can lay some tips you might want to follow to grow your chances on Future Request:

  • Make helpfull threads (threads, sticky worth will be always an advantage for your side)
  • Bring new Members (what the point of Moderating a forum that noone knows about?)
  • Don't ask to be a Moderator (This will almost grant you will never become a moderator in a future time)
  • Be Active (We don't care about how much you post, but how much you dedicate your time to the forums)

If you decide to follow those tips, you will soon be in the Rank "General", and this will mean that your few steps away from becoming a moderator.

After this you will be made Trainee Moderator for a period of 30 days and we will judge your moderating skills and then you will be submitted to a test you have to show your knowledge.
If you pass you become permanent Moderator (unless you break rules, which I doubt it will happen).
If you fail you will go back to "General" rank and you will be submitted for another Trainee period in the future.

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